Practical AI skills you can put to use today.

Ongoing learning for AI prompting, content automation, and AI-enabled business strategy.

  • Access $1500 in top-tier AI courses + resources

  • Exclusive Discord community

  • Weekly office hours

  • Unlimited access

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I spend all day experimenting with AI so you don't have to

Are you an ambitious professional looking to get ahead with AI?Do you feel like you can't keep up — like the gap is widening between what you can do and what AI is capable of?Most people don't have the time to stay on top of all the advancements, figure out how to use AI, AND do their job or run their business at the same time.Well, we're here to help. Me, my team, and the other Lennon Labs members.And we've helped thousands of people just like you already.

Courses + Chatbots + Community

Lennon Labs is a comprehensive online membership to help you stay on the cutting edge of AI.We blend proven courses, sophisticated chatbots, and a community of like-minded experts to help you apply AI in your business right now.Our learning program is built on three pillars:

  1. Crisp learning experiences to protect your time

  2. Practical focus so you put skills to immediate use

  3. Non-technical / no-code focus to help regular people

Essentially, Lennon Labs gives you the AI secret sauce that most people don't have the time or skills to figure out on their own.

Meet your AI Whisperer: Rob Lennon

Lennon Labs is designed by Rob Lennon.

  • 1,400+ hours prompting with AI, starting with GPT-2 in 2019

  • Full-time GPT researcher since Dec 2022

  • AI thought-leader with 120,000+ followers on Twitter and 23,500+ on LinkedIn

  • 17 years business strategy experience from tech/start-ups, leading both technical and creative projects

  • Self-published author 47x in both fiction and non-fiction

Dubbed "AI Whisperer" by his fans, Rob was one of the fastest-growing Twitter / 𝕏 accounts of 2022.His AI courses have done over $600,000 sales and have been attended by over 4,000 participants.And now, all of this know-how is available to you for less than a dollar/day.

Prompting, Automation, and AI Strategy

As a Lennon Labs member, you’ll get frameworks to:

  • Generate next-level outputs from ChatGPT or any other GPT-powered AI model

  • Create impossible-seeming value with conversational AI

  • Gain a competitive edge, even over other businesses who also use AI

  • Revolutionize the way you approach your work

And you’ll be able to do all this without:

  • Without spending a fortune on hiring under-skilled experts, testing new tools, or learning to code

  • Without wasting hours on trial-and-error experimentation

  • Without settling for mediocre results

Practical AI skills you can apply immediately

For experimenters, builders, leaders — and everyone in between.

Content Automation Systems

Put into practice breakthrough techniques to create authentic, original content at a speed and quality level that no one else can match

Prompt Engineering

Learn promptcraft and cutting edge techniques for ChatGPT, Claude, and other LLMs — taught by the expert that other experts learn from

AI Strategy & Implementation

Employ frameworks for AI change management, communication on tough issues, and figuring out strategy. Be the one in your org who knows what to do with AI

Anyone can make magic with AI

No tricky programming skills required here. Just a willingness to learn, experiment, and apply.
Here's how we do it:

Unlimited All-Access Pass

Learn what you want, when you want, in the way you want, from $1500 worth of courses, plus tons of other resources

Exclusive Community

Connect and network with other professionals on the same AI journey.Get a heavily curated feed of the most-important updates in AI

Non-Technical Focus

Jargon-free membership for regular people, yet filled with concepts smart enough for software developers

What's inside Lennon Labs?

A monthly subscription offering access to

an exclusive library of in-depth prompting guides,
live Q&A sessions, and
a supportive community forum.
Here are some popular modules:

From NLPEA: Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI

Frameworks for Advanced Prompting

An advanced guide into the most important techniques in AI prompting.Build your awareness of the types of expert-level prompts:

  • Learn the 3 core types of prompts, megaprompts, metaprompts, and progressive prompts, and when to use each

  • Discover how to format and structure your prompts for different types of tasks and domains

  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes when prompting AI models

By the end, you’ll have a solid foundation in prompt engineering that you can build on.

From AI Content Reactor

AI Content-Writing System

Use breakthrough techniques to write and create authentic, original content at a speed and quality level that no one else can match. And automate it.

  • Cut planning time by 90% and writing time by 80% — this course is for creators, freelancers, and content marketers who want to write at blazing speeds and yet have an AI assistant that's undetectable.

  • Ready-made megaprompts — Included are easy-to-copy text prompts to build out your own writing system. Just fill in the blanks. It's like MadLibs, but instead of a hilarious story, at the end you get audience insights and content you can post and use.

  • No code + automation templates — there's nothing technical here. No training data models or writing code. Just follow a process, write in plain text, copy my stuff, and you're good. I show you how to do everything so you can make it your own.

By the end, you’ll have a solid foundation in prompt engineering that you can build on.

From NLPEA: Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI

Promptcraft Toolkit

Bite-sized lessons covering key topics in advanced prompt engineering for busy learners.You’ll learn:

  • 6 advanced prompt elements that can transform an AI's capabilities

  • How to get even stubborn AI to adopt your voice and tone

  • The 5 strategies to push a language model far beyond its typical outputs

From: Leading in the Age of AI

The LOCIL Leadership Framework

Become confident about handling AI, whatever your position in your company.

  • Embracing the AI moment - Learn to bring stability in uncertain times by evoking belief systems and frames of reference on AI topics.

  • Handling change - Understand how humans are wired to respond to our AI moment, and how to overcome naturally negative instincts against change.

  • Defining the game - Shift your mindset and allow your company to make the rules of the game (and not get played by it).

  • Flipping the script - Move your organization from a mode of simply surviving AI into a state of thriving on new AI opportunities.

  • Leading the market - Be a leader with influence that reaches not just your team, but your customers too.

  • Mastering the moment - Become a leader capable of motivating, inspiring, and liberating action to drive your company to the AI opportunity.

Showing leadership in the AI moment will define your career. Learn how.


AI Innovator Hours

Mastery comes from not just learning — but also interacting, questioning, and exploring your challenges with an expert.Join Rob Lennon in our exclusive 90-minute sessions where we open the floor for an interactive dialogue so you can:

  • Ask your burning questions about AI concepts, techniques, and applications.

  • Get personalized advice on AI-related challenges you're facing in your work.

  • Discuss the latest trends and developments in the world of AI.

Whether you're stuck on a particular module or exploring ways to implement your new AI skills, these sessions are designed to help you navigate your AI journey.

Plus, join now to get these bonuses

Hormozi Megaprompts

A set of megaprompts infused with frameworks from a legendary entrepreneur:

  • $100M Offer Generator

  • $100M Lead Magnet Quickstarter

AI Transformation Quickstart Blueprint

  • AI-Ready Roadmap - Gain clarity about where to implement AI so you start on a solid foundation.

  • AI in Action - Follow along a real-world example that breaks down the implementation process.

  • The AI Team Decision - A clear workbook to determine who should spearhead your AI initiatives, ensuring solid results.

Promptimus - Megaprompt Writing Bot

Promptimus takes your basic prompt, rewrites it as a megaprompt, and tests it in GPT-4 and Claude-2 for you.The bot is trained on technique, strategies, and prompts from Lennon Labs courses.

Don't risk falling behind

Without adopting AI skills, you risk falling behind in your industry.You risk missing out on opportunities that could propel your career.You risk not taking advantage of the biggest technological shift since the internet itself.But if you're going to learn this stuff, why figure it all out yourself? Get instant access today and accelerate your AI journey today.

Guaranteed to Help

4,000+ Students Helped Already

Thousands of students have already taken these courses and left stellar reviews. We believe in this membership because it's built on proven material.

AI Proficiency Promise (30-day Refund)

If within the first 30 days, you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. There's virtually no risk in trying out our membership.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
—Kieran Drew (180k+ on 𝕏)


What's included in this membership?

Access 4 epic AI courses valued at $1500
• For creators: AI Content Reactor
• For innovators: Build Powerful GPTs
• For builders: NLPEA
• For leaders: Leading in the Age of AI
Plus the prompt library. Plus the membership community. Plus the AI Innovation Office hours. Plus the prompt engineering bot. Plus ongoing updates.Easily $2,500+ value.

The price for $1500 in courses alone is insane. How is this possible?

Maybe it's a risk. Maybe it IS insane.But by making this membership accessible to a larger group of people through a lower price point, we believe we help way more people in the process.This is what Lynda did with You invest in the membership, and we invest in you.We're inspired by Lynda's bold move and aim to create something unique and accessible here.

Will Rob Lennon be active in the community membership?

Rob's a busy guy and can't always answer questions in the community. He'll make an effort, but please also help each other. There are tons of smart and skilled people in the membership.For questions specifically for Rob, please come to AI Innovation hours.

How is this different from Rob Lennon's courses AI Content Reactor and NLPEA?

The entire Content Reactor course is included in the membership. Plus Rob's prompt engineering masterclass NLPEA is here too.Plus Leading in the Age of AI.Plus even more modules and resources not in those courses.

Does this membership include information about image prompting or generative video?

Not yet.While we enjoy Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and other AI art tools, the existing materials are focused on word-based prompt engineering for language models.

What if I don't have much time to spare?

The membership is designed to be an ongoing resource for you, available when you need it.We've priced the program in a very affordable range so that you can easily pop in and out as new challenges emerge in your business.Look—this membership is PACKED. It's probably better to not binge the entire thing all at once.

What if I cancel? Do I lose access?

You will lose access at the end of your billing cycle.The exception is that members who previously purchased courses will continue to have lifetime access to the legacy courses.

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